You know what they say, "Balanced Money. Balanced Life" and "Look good and feel good without worrying" Let's put your mind at ease and make life easier. Get that well deserved reward even if you're on a budget cause Hey! You earned it! Swish Fashion Island and Klarna has teamed up, because no matter how you shop, payments should be a breeze. Klarna lets you pay in a number of different ways, so you can choose whichever way suits you the best. No matter what product you choose, you will always get, hassle free! With Klarna, making a purchase is pure joy.


Here's how Klarna will make your life easier:


Payment options:


1. Pay later:

-Interest free

-Requires payment within 14 or 30 days of purchase, and is available across multiple regions


2. Slice it: (There are 3 you can choose from)

*planned payments: slice the payment for 6 months

*flexible month to month: No fixed term commitment: You can pay the balance in full or make the minimum monthly payment (interest charges may apply).

*No Interest If Paid In Full:

Customers pay for their purchase at no interest if the order amount is paid in full within the offer period.


3. Slice it in 4:

- bi-weekly payments rather than full price

- Installments with no interest and no upfront fees.


See! A super-simple checkout.