Posted by Jejerose Bago on May 18th 2019

Just like other countries that have lots of beautiful places, Jamaica exciting and natural aesthetics places that requires true DIVA fashion! Most various people want to experience beautiful places in Jamaica. Some would like to discover what they do and how they do things to their daily activities. And some also like to know about their traditional way of clothing in every event that they usually celebrating.

According to my research when it comes to their clothing, Jamaican women traditionally wear dresses, skirts, and tops. But for their Princesses, they eventually wear what they called “Quadrille dress is a bespoke dress”.

And by the way, it’s just a brief story for Jamaicans. Well, if you want to visit their place, then you need to prepare something to wear, that you must and need to bring for your "staycation" there. But of course, you need to consider the season as well.

When you are planning to wear dresses then this sleeveless romper is good for you.


This one is for you to feel relaxed and feeling cool. Casual dress/ rompers are fit in Jamaicans taste. You don’t need to complicate yourself because most people try it already. The advantage of this is that it will give you that comfy and light clothes to wear for your day tour trip.

To tell you a story; Melissa is very particular with the clothes that she is going to wear especially when it comes to going for a vacation. She always makes sure to bring clothes that are light in weight, easy to wear and not to much bulk in the luggage. These are the way how she considered things, very easy!

The design of this romper is simple but lovely to look. Though the color is light still the cut, the raffles sleeve design, and everything really gives you that awesome look. Perfect pair to any of your favorite high heel sandals, sneakers shoe or even flip-flop shoe.

For some more, you can also wear peasant top/blouse in Jamaica like this


For you to feel the essence of summer or spring then this one will give you that undefining experience. These clothes really give that 101% true satisfying statement for a more fashionista look. And mind you, you’ll be a fan of everybody right after you wear this one of a kind.

Like, Karyl, who is a TV show performer, every time she’s going to somewhere for a taping she always makes sure that she will bring sleeveless to completely achieved that great staycation somehow. The good thing for her also is that she can wear this top with skirts or even denim shorts for a more cool and comfy feeling.

A kind of top that is light in color that surely good for the eye of everybody. The strap, the style and the lace lining which bring you that most feminine look. Oh! It's an amazing look for this amazing new and trendy modern top style for your summer feels.

Or else if you wanna experience the breeze and the beauty of the beach in Jamaica, you can wear this kind of Bikini suit.



Oh! If you wish to experience the sunshine in Jamaica then you can wear this kind of bikini suit. Every woman really wishes to wear like this but you need that overflowing confidence in yourself. However, things like this are just a matter of art, right? It’s just only a way of expressing your true sexy and hot feeling to everybody.

Be like Cynthia, who is a chic, hot and gorgeous lady. Since she loves staying at the beach, doing sunbathing, playing surf and all water sports. She sees to it that she would bring all her swimwear outfits in every weekend activity at the beach. She then decided to bring her cute eyeglasses, summer hat and a see-through top for more options either.

To look bold and sexy, wear this one of a kind swimwear in Jamaica, the cut, the style, and all the the material are absolutely perfect for you! To help you shape and show off your hard earned “coca cola” body, then get a try to wear this for your honeymoon in Jamaica.

For more even stylish look for some of your night out in Jamaica then this Print Top is for you.


Clothes like this really make your night the remarkable night ever. It's something that will allow you to captivate the eye of everybody. And it will surely give you that best woman look among all.

Myleen, is haute and stylish lady. As she heading into a gig with her friends she then decides to wear this floral printed see-through top/tank. And, amazingly all her friends dropped their jaws while looking at her new and trendy top. So now, Myleen feels so happy and thankful with the top that she never imagined will bring herself into such great adoration from her friends.

Wanna be like Myleen who use to wear this new and stylish top for her night light gig? Well, it is a long sleeve top or jacket with a see-through design, round neck, and a zipper lack style through half or your body. It is comfy to wear, you can complement an inner to this with any color that you love most.

To reminisce the life that you have when you're in Jamaica! Use these tips that maybe somehow will help you achieve unexpected memories in Jamaica. Be mindful and stylish, you can pick either which one you prefer to wear. Enjoy and explore life without hesitation. Everything all matters in you not with others!

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