Posted by Jejerose Bago on May 7th 2019


There so much thing about knowing your friends. One exciting part is that when we're talking about the thing we want to wear a single day every day and in every event’s where into.

These 3 ladies that friend of mine, have their own different ways of clothing like a lady of all season and you’ll be amazed by their style, really! It’s gonna be exciting.

I’m gonna share with this pretty, sexy and adoring woman that I ever know and she is Kristine. Kristine is a slim and thin lady, she’s not that big hips and butt but every time she wears this,


It really adds her fashionista look! All the way her thin body covered with these long cardigans, oh! It definitely helps her cover up her hips and butts. Also because of her height, which is tall enough to bring this look for more stunning. It absolutely helps her look like as lady of all time because of her perfect suite choice.

Our friend also wants to try for this new style of her, I too am interested but I’m a little bit chubby and short. So, I think this doesn’t fit on me.

But, don’t worry guys! We will gonna solve that problem. Okay?!

I ask my friend, Kristine, why she loves this stuff. She told me that this is comfy to wear and the color is looking like a social. And it's simple but attractive. She loves also the sleeve and the pocket to both sides.

Some of my friends really adore her look! So, with my other friend, Beverly was her name. Actually, she’s also chubby like me but she’s kind of a conservative type of person. And she’s always wear this way,


This is something what we love most to her, she’s the look with an amazing aura. We always called her small but tirreble lady in our group with this new and comfy color LUXE CRUSHED VELVET JACKET.

As what we always talked about is that no matter what is your height and wieght it’s still depend upon how you carry it out. That is why my friend Beverly, always see to it that she will always look gorgeos and outragious looking.

Beverly love this OOTD LUXE CRUSHE VELVET JACKET its a short cut, long sleeve, silky and shiny clothes jacket. This also a dark color with a zipper lack design and a lot more.

Finally, we’ve come to my very chic, hot and beautyful lady her name is Abegail. Us her friend we always do nothing but to cherish and applouded her specially when she wear this new and trendy,


Since, then we always knew that when it comes to clothes, this women really do the best effort for herself. She’s always want to be rare and looking like diva in all aspects of her life. And very particular with the color and style.

One, day she wore her new stylish and fashionable LOOSE HOODE COWL NECK TOP. It really help her more sexy, curvey and splendid look. She’s got that awesome and exclusively got a look lady.

She’s really the one we can proud off, she’s also one of our best designer, tutor and dictator when it comes to our specific fashion mode.

And usually she love like this long dress and sleeve, plain black with a unique design below with the pair of boots. And the hood design, I can’t really imagine how confident she was while wearing like this style.

It help me realized now that, to build a good and attractive posture you need to have that confident in your self the way you handle it. Because believe it or not people arround you always mined about your outer personality. But, what important thing to remember is that “ Be what you are, Wear what you love and Mind nothing but your self ”.

There’s more tips waiting for you!!!

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