​The Chic Look On A Saturday Evening - How to Get The Chic Look?

​The Chic Look On A Saturday Evening - How to Get The Chic Look?

Posted by Heather Tulloch on Mar 5th 2019

Trends come and go, and style evolves. It's important to have pieces of jewelry that are timeless and look chic despite ever-changing fashions.

- Karen Elson

So you are getting ready for that Haute date or the “Girls evening out”, but you are unsure on what you to wear. You have an awesome style in mind----The “Chic” look! The ah-ha moment popped into your head. You are browsing all over the internet for this look and you still hit a “dead-end” So WHAT SHOULD YOU DO!!!

Well Ms. Fashionista, look no further, we have awesome ways you can get chic in the matter of seconds!

Being chic is not just the clothing but it is the attitude behind this look. The meaning of being chic is TOTALLY being elegant, poised, preppy, trendy and realistic. Everyone desire to grab the attention with some elegance and trendiness at the same time.

To be a true Chic Fashionista you have to be ready to turn on your elegant side! Dress up in your favorite plain solid top, throw on some pearls (earrings, necklaces, and tennis bracelet) pair it off with short blazer that has a ¾ sleeves and hard ass ripped jeans along with some clear heels---Ouch! That is a Chic.

You can get Urban with your chic look --- LOL! Now I love this look because this is for the woman prefers to have that “bad girl” twist.

The “Urban” Chic look is one the styles that goes with any attire at anytime of the day and moment. This is a versatile look that any Fashionista can afford with simple items to add to the look.

The common selections for a typical chic look: Plain top, jeggings, shorts, blazers, moto jacket, banging heels and fashion jewelry.

Where you can find these selections? @swishfashionisland is where you can find affordable, fashionable and trendy selections to spice up your chic look!

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