Posted by Jejerose Bago on Apr 25th 2019

Did you hear the songs “ Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall”? What a funny question! Off course we now that. And did you know that in some countries it only has two seasons, summer and rainy season?

Therefore, most women preparing and collecting more fashion styles for every season. And since we are in new generations, we also have a lot of designers who continuously innovating and creating new designs for all women.

For you to have an idea for what is trendy clothes for the spring season? Take a look at this;


What do you think about this lady? How does she look like?

For me, she’s remarkable looks so tender, hot and chic. It helps her figure out her curve and sexy body. You can definitely pair it with any colored inner shirt.

For a more feminine look, this color is nice and cute, it helps you look comfy and pleasant. It will also add your day a more colorful essence.

Get one for your collection and a statement fashion look. You can wear this up with your criss-cross nude peep toe shoe and your favorite color black tiny sling bag. This is a PURPLE EDGE TWO PIECE SHORT SUIT, a long sleeve blazer, wide open and a chain lack style. And a pair of the fitted short suit which perfects for your shapely thigh.


For those women who are not looking shapely, but wanted to look its shape. You can wear a horizontal color stripe style. It will help you define a slim and sexy.

Like Andrea’s wearing now, she got a lot of attention for everyone because of her new and trendy type of suit which fits for Spring season. It really helps her boost her confidence and a total perfect DIVA look. She added her entangled hair with dark lip color and a peep toe high heels shoe glass type.

This item has 3 pieces, the half body long sleeve blazer with a wide open and no button design. With a tubeless top which helps you comfortable in feeling and with a high waist short that help shaped your sexy thigh and legs.


Wow! It’s a perfect pair for a lady who used to work as a singer in a live band or having a concert. Its design is very rare and unusual to wear for just an ordinary lady's, so if you are an artist or a model. I’m pretty sure this one is perfect for you.

Amber is so excited heading to an event with her friends wearing her new animal printed velvet jacket. Though Amber is a conservative type of person but she can still manage to look sexy and hot. Now, her friend can’t do anything but to adore her outfit the whole day.

Try for this new and stylish type of VELVET PRINT JACKET AND SHORT SET its perfect for your Spring season. It is a long animal printed blazer with an open wide and a chain lack design, which you can pair this with a plain color light inner. The sexy short really amazing because it is high waist design, to help figure out you're long-legged and firm leg part. You can pair this with your plain high heels shoe and a tiny black sling chain bag style.

Get stylish with this SPRING Blazer and Short set @swishfashionisland. An open wide long sleeve design has a plain, striped and animal print color. A chain lack style.