Posted by Jejerose Bago on Jun 18th 2019


SHOE DIVA--- is a kind of style that is open at the back portion and it has a different design it has flat heels, pointed heels, close tip and more. For as long as it constraint around the foot heels. This is usually worn by those who are old-aged before but nowadays, it can be worn by every woman who wanna feel comfy and at ease while walking.

It’ll be fit for any women’s outerwear and the shape of their feet. It also has a lot of styles that perfect for any occasion or event that you want to wear into.

Try this another one, a kind of EASY-GOING style that is easy to balance your body, in other words, a safe heel for your usual outdoor event or even the most formal clothes of yours.


My friend Mina likes this kind of shoe so much... because the color combination is really nice. It makes you look like sassy, classy and elegant. Perfect for any shape of the feet. It also allows you to move whatever it will be and it can be a hassle-free to room around.

Most ladies are particular with the design, I think this one has a 101% unique style. And it will definitely help you look like a DIVA who always has that gots to carry all the things that is necessary just to improve and discover that true meaning of herself!

To look more attractive, try this black and gold color of “ SHOE DIVA “ shoe, its a semi-high heels shoe and with an LB logo for more style. You can wear this with your denim skinny jeans, dresses, and any casual and formal clothes.

Those another “SHOE DIVA” looks like this ;


A nude color “ SHOE DIVA “ style of high heel shoes. This one is also the latest color nowadays. Most likely well fit for any color of clothes you're going to wear. It’s not necessary to think twice to wear because it is very compatible with everything that you want to wear and very comfy of course.

Just like my friend Kristine who always wants to look like simple, comfy and chic. To add more gorgeous and stunning with her outfit to semi-formal occasions. She, then very excited and happy with this high heels shoe that will surely bring her into somebody that is captivating.

Get stylish with this one of a kind shoe, it remarkably gives you out of the most feminine look. This is a nude color with a unique strap and unique heels. Perfect for any casual and formal event that is complemented with your favorite jumpsuits or any dresses.

Get stylish, to look like a one of a kind with this “SHOE DIVA“ shoe, it is perfect for your ANY DATE outfit! With this OOTD latest brands and new design for any season. A limited edition of @swishfashionisland. A style that remarkably a complement for a weekend date with your love once. .Comfy to wear and with lots of colors to choose from.