Posted by Jejerose Bago on May 1st 2019


To share with you my ideal clothes or thing to wear, I will see to it that it can give me a comfortable feeling. Though, I don’t have that sexy perfect “ coca cola ” body, as what people usually say! But, I know my self that I do have a simple but not obvious got a look “ Hot, Chubby and Chic ” lady.

Since now it is the season of summer in May, so I’m gonna share with you what I usually wear.

First, if we have our family outing or go for hanging out with, of course, I want to wear something that is new in style and trendy. Like this,


This is really what I always want to wear because it’s perfect for my waist, it will help me shape my body even if it’s not that totally perfect. I feel that I’m looking like a fashionista and a unique looking girl.

Most, of my friends even my Babe, love it the way my style and the confidence that bring me into.

It’s really comfortable to move in whatever groove I want to do.

It’s also attracted peoples attention.

It’s something like a tattered design which is fit, highways cut and you can pair this with sneaker shoes, flip flop slippers or/maybe some time or even high heels shoe for more looking adorable.

Next, I want also to be one of a kind with a top like this,


This top really helps me more comfortable and neat looking. It’s the best color for me and the style is totally pleasant to wear. I bought this one to a fashion website and I thought, this is not what the true image in actual but, It was great! All information stated are facts.

So, then write away after wearing this one. My friend asks me if where do I bought this type of clothes. Well, this compliment what I really love to hear. To become a model to my self and an inspiration to others. Right?! So, you too can be like me also.

I think the fiber is smooth, it’s a turtle neck, ¾ sleeve design, a horizontal stripe color white and black with a hanging style below. You can add accessories to it for a more fascinating look.


This one pair of ADIDAS brand I really love most. The color and style are unique and comfy to wear. Since I wear both light colors, I will need something darker than my top. So, I need to wear this type of shoe in contrast to what I wear.

Do you know why I also love it most? It’s because when I bought this one its limited stocks and I prefer to buy like that. It’s totally not common not like those others out there. It also helps me to always be stellar and incomparable to others. Actually, May is a time that you can wear whatever style or look do you want because the weather is hot so we need to look like a “ cool cold ” in the eyes of everybody.

It’s a rose gold color, a flat and oval toe shape which also helps your feet toned also. It has a big logo of ADIDAS in the upper face and it’s also a low cut design that perfectly matches the pants or short denim. You can accessories also for more attractive looking.


For a more looking cool, simple, comfortable and stylish look, I’m using this color of a sling bag. It definitely boosts and stands out with my MAY outfit. As you can see my shoes are light shiny colors so I will need this light matte color of a bag. I know they both perfect for a cool and feminine look.

A lot of my friends really love this bag, they want me to use this always, the good thing also is that this is safe for theft if ever. And also if I put all my stuff here it will be well organized and neat. That, I what I’m always looking into something when it comes to my bags. It must be lightweight, durable, easy to maintain and modern.

MAY is a month of “ HOT ” season, and for me, I need to wear something that is comfy, light and cool not just with my feeling but also in the eye of others so that I will always look fresh and vibrant.

Everywhere I go, I see to it that I have this bag on my side because it’s durable with a double lock, with an adjustable sling and have a chain sling design.

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