​How to Get Princess Look for Prom

​How to Get Princess Look for Prom

Posted by Xiane Martinez on Feb 9th 2019

How to Get the Princess  Look for Prom

We all wanted to be a Princesses growing up. There's Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Aurora and so much more. We want that tiara and that handsome prince that will sweep us off our feet. Prom night is every high school seniors and juniors dream night; it's where they get swept off their feet with promposals and just that magical night of just dancing and having fun with friends.

Prom dresses is the most significant part of the entire prom experience. You scramble and look for that perfect prom dress like a bride looking for the perfect wedding dress.

So how do you get that Princess look for prom? You need to take into consideration, what your body type is, what is currently in trend. Once you found the perfect prom dress, you should now look for the perfect prom accessory that should go with your dress, something classy, trendy and sparkly.

Dressing up for prom should be a fun experience, so you might also want to consider something what's appropriate for your school, according to your school's handbook, of course we don't want our prom night to be ruined by teachers trying to talk to you about the dress every now and then.

If you've read my previous blogs, you always should consider your body type, if you're Apple shaped, Pear shaped, Straight shaped or Hourglass shaped. That way you can balance out your look and be able to emphasize the parts of your body that needs to be emphasized.

Apple: Heavy top, big busts, thin legs

Straight: Waist and hips are equal

Pear: Heavy bottom, big waist

Hourglass: Equal hips and bust with thin waist

Now that you've got all the things you need to know about your body type, style you want to go with, accessories to finish your look, you should try several dresses according to your liking and see what suits you best.

Now that you clearly know what you want, you can no go to the fun part and make several shopping trips while putting on and trying out those dresses, see what looks perfect for you and for that prom night.