​How DIVA’s wear sunglasses for the upcoming summer?

​How DIVA’s wear sunglasses for the upcoming summer?

Posted by Jejerose Bago on Apr 28th 2019

As we all know, most DIVA’s are very particular to their everyday looks and clothes they’re going to wear. Most of them, vary according to their shape of the face and some are base on their attire or event. But, most of the time it still depends upon to their mood, agree?!

Generation’s now are also creating their own style, they even try to duplicate to whom they want to look like. Just like Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and some more.

So, I will show you some of the tips and ideas of sunglasses wherein most divas wear off.

How DIVA’s wear sunglasses for the upcoming 



This is the kind of sunglasses I really like, I see this one to an online store. It caught my attention right away. I told to my friend that we need to have a collection of this because the summer is almost there and we need to get some new remembrance for this year of summer as we go for a vacation next week.

One of my friends has this one already, she used this to a beach party last week. She was amazed because most of the crowd are looking at her every time she passed by along the beach. So, she told me that It really helps her to look like a DIVA, beautiful and gorgeous while walking on the seaside

I love this much! The color of light peach, with thick glass and semi-round shape design It also has a big silver G logo at both sides. Perfect for all your new types of suits or even the usual one.

The next one is most likely the common but fascinating and comfy to wear like what DIVA’s looking for.


This is one of the favorite types of sunglasses where my cousin likes the most. She’s already has a collection like this before, but since this is a new and trendy now a day's, she will then decides to get another one. Though it’s a classic design, she still likes it, the shape really fits in her and it comfy to wear. Every time she goes to the beach party or even outdoor hangouts it really attracts more people.

The color was simple yet it adds suaver to look. Just like some of DIVA’s who want to look clean and fine lady. But usually, some wearing this because they want to look clean and neat.

This is a plain white new OOTD SNOW WHITE SUNGLASSES, with a semi-oval shape, unique lens and frame with a big G logo at the sides. It will add to complement to your accessories and your clothes.

The next one is also for those DIVA’s who want to look stunning and creative fashionista. They get like a piece of this;


It’s a very rare design and style, I think it's not fit for me. But, I saw some who’s wearing this, they look fantastic and absolutely unique combination to any summer feels or springs feels outwear.

Oh! I can remember, my office mate! She’s trying using this one to a birthday party and that was a hot summer day. Well, it's totally helped her looking like an artist who’s got an elegant, charming and appealing look. Wow! That was an unforgettable moment.

Well, this is one of a kind OOTD SPARKLE SNOW WHITE SUNGLASSES. It is a plain light color white, with a sparkle silver snow around the frame and with a big G logo at both sides. You can pair this to your exquisite clothes and accessories.

Last but not least! Some DIVA’s want a kind of a weird looking yet genuine posture, like this!


Awesome! Right?

This is really unique and genuine sunglasses.

Just like Shain, my closest friend. She’s a singer and a showbiz artist. I don’t know why I can’t even figure out that she’s that lady who’s coming through in front of me. So, funny because of her new look and with her new weird sunglasses. I'm so shocked! And so much amazed and fun to her new leopard color sunglasses.

This one is an animal printed OOTD LEOPARD ROUND SUNGLASSES, it is a round shape with a stainless steel design and a logo of GUESS in both sides. It will add more unexpected results to your weird but sexy looking DIVA.

Get stylish and like one of a kind with this OOTD latest GUESS brand of SUNGLASSES for a summer and spring season. A limited edition of @swishfashionisland. A style that remarkably long for last, comfy to wear and with lots of color and design.