Posted by Jejerose Bago on May 13th 2019

As we entering in a corporate world, the first thing in mind is prioritizing ‘ How and What ‘ kind of clothes we need to wear to achieve that smart looking personality. The year 2019 is already starting, the kind and style of fashion are definitely changing and evolving.

Most of the ladies, waiting for the new and trendy style that is suitable for any casual and formal outerwear. To rich the most outfit, first, it will depend upon the work/job you have. And for those ladies aiming to be rich and wealthy. Then I will give you an idea on how to do this.

To some who is working as a real estate broker, insurance underwriter and any salesperson, you’ll need to wear something like this;


This one will help you look like a millionaire! In some instances, as a salesperson, you need to look like smarter, richer and professional than your client. It is simply because you need to catch and get their trust to be able to get that good relationship over and over until you finally win that big YES!

Just like my friend Beverly, who used to work as an insurance agent. Her clients call her for a meeting regarding her product. So, to rich that maximum level of confidence she wears this new and trendy kind of clothes. And now, her client amazed with her stunning and very attractive look. So, Beverly closed a big case with her client. She’s now going home with a big smile on her face.

Take note for this business outerwear! It will really lead you into a good result. It is clothes that are commonly used by wealthy people. This pair can be paired with your plain black blazer suit, accessories and light make up on your face. It will absolutely give you that awesome impact.

Or else like this one of a kind;


Like this one too! For those ladies who don’t like to wear pant’s and wanted to look like a true lady? Well, I really introduce to you this one of a kind 2-piece style. Perfect for your business look attire.

To tell you more stories about my colleagues before and her name is Casandra, and because she has that skinny and long-legged women, she then always wear clothes with a style like this. She is the CEO of her own business. Every time she is going to her office all her employees adore and dropped their jaws whenever she’s walking on through the aisle. It helps her look more gorgeous, chic, hot and demure. And oh! What’s an amazing look!

This thing can be worn with your blazer, some accessories and even any of your favorite colors of peep toe high heels. It will absolutely describe your beauty within the inside and outside of your personality.

Finally, it is also one of the most suits that will definitely give you a more look like a millionaire rapport! This is;


This also can be wear to achieve a more stunning and remarkable style. For those ladies who wanted to show off the sexy and hot body then this one is for you! I am pretty sure that it could change your life when you’re able to wear this and meet some big fish clients in the sea.

One of my colleagues seriously does her duty passionately and truthfully. Every time she visits her clients, she's always making sure to wear something that will allow her to get that big account. But, fortunately after the whole day of talking and selling she then get a big sale. And oh! It is truly a successful result of her effort in dressing up like a millionaire!

This is a 2-piece formal outerwear. It can be worn with some of your accessories or even your high heels to the max design. It will really give you the look that you’d never experienced before.

Actually, I can say that “ first impressions last “, right? So why not try your best to dress out the most of everything. It is not necessary to be too expensive but just a little bit worth it! Every lady aiming for good standing in everything that they usually do, but if you want to achieve that maximum level of achievement, then you’ll need to wear like those people who are a MILLIONAIRE!

Get stylish and look like a MILLIONAIRE! It is perfect for your everyday outfit! With this OOTD latest brands and new design for a summer and spring season. A limited edition of @swishfashionisland. A style that remarkably gives you the best of everything. It is comfy to wear and can be worn with your true plain black blazer and with high heels peep toe shoes.